Matteo Lord Da Costa est né, le 13 novembre 2014

Please welcome Matteo Lord Da Costa. He arrived on planet earth with 3.35kg on the 13th of November 2014 at 3:04pm. Matteo is a fellow Canadian, made with blood from Brazil and France – therefore a Franco-Brazilian Canadian? He loves sleeping long, uninterrupted, hours and is curious about everything around him. Suzy Lord et Thiago Costa.

(Suzy est une des 2 filles de Léa et Didier Lord, Léa est la benjamine de Colette et Jean-Marie Dubray, Jean-Marie Auguste Charles est l’aîné des fils de Madeleine et André Dubray)

Matteo Lord Da Costa,dubray,léa,suzy

matteo lord da costa,dubray,léa,suzy

matteo lord da costa,dubray,léa,suzy

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